Sega-Hasbro’s Ampbot Is A Dancing Robot

It was difficult for us to accept that Sega has stopped developing gaming consoles but little were we aware that company has high plans to unveil another exciting offering. With the growing number of robots in Japan we have calculated the possibility of a day when they will govern our life. Vince Veneziani from Gearfuse digged out Sega-Hasbro’s Ampbot, a two feet tall Robo slave that sits on his job until Robot’s rule begins. Ampbot chases you while producing music from 12W speakers and features an integrated iPod cradle on its back. It’s advised to form a robot-themed playlist that will suit well the dancing steps of the Ampbot.

Demanding a sum of $500, it is expected to hit the markets in America and Japan coming November.

Via T3News

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