SunTrackerOne: An Active Daylight System By Ciralight

Till day term ‘daylightning’ has earned success in inviting eyeballs in our environmental glossary. And your claim that it is the latest and much-in-news way to be green is also partially true. The latter argument—to be really haute holds lot of value with the coming of ‘SunTrackerOne’ by Ciralight that does away with the traditional ways of digging a hole in home’s roof and inviting sunrays to spread all across.

The new definition of daylight refers to the technology implemented in buildings purposely designed or retrofitted to proficiently imprison and allocate daylight as their chief lighting source. But till date it has been in a passive mode. Thanks to Ciralight for bringing this innovative technology into action by unveiling ‘SunTrackerOne’ that focuses upon distribution of the light in a cost effective manner. The system was displayed at the 2008 Las Vegas ‘LIGHTFAIR International 2008’ show. This lighting solution developed especially for commercial buildings is competent of turning off synthetic lights for up to 12 hours a day. Against passive skylights, this highly developed daylighting uses sun-tracking expertise and mirrors to align with the sun throughout the day.

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