Elite Find of the Day: Futuristic Striking Designs by Luigi Colani

Since ‘40s, Germany-based industrial designer Luigi Colani was engaged in giving a revolutionary meaning to future by offering a curved, streamlined appeal to sedans and trucks, kitchens, spacecraft, furniture, and any sundry thing that he had dreamt of. You may call him a designer, but the title that befits him well is that of a “3-D philosopher,” the one coined by him. Sticking to the concept of round shape of earth and heavenly bodies, Colani wishes to follow Galileo Galilei’s philosophy and declares: “My world is also round.”

And featured above is Luigi Colani himself in his “satellite kitchen,” that was designed in 1969.

Seemingly weird, every appliance in the fully-occupied kitchenette can easily be attained by anyone sitting at the orb’s center.

Luigi Colani

Colani considers his concepts as no mere proposals, but rather responses to questions that design proposes.

Check out the gallery to know more about Luigi Colani’s futuristic designs.

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Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani

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