Concept Mobile Touchscreen Tablet Defines Future of Internet Search

We all happily welcomed the advent of technologies viz. Google Earth and the investigational iPhone Earth application devised to change our realistic vision. And little were we wondering about getting the detailed information about a product or place by merely keeping fingers upon it that within no time we came across a concept that runs on our imagination.

Japanese concept designer Mac Funamizu has lately developed a thin touchscreen device that comes with an integrated camera, scanner, WiFi, Google Maps and search.

It works like this: You can hold this uber-gadget to any number of areas, buildings, and objects (even newspaper, car model, an insect name, buffet available at a particular restaurant) and immediately receive information related to what you pointed in the viewfinder. Considering the technicalities involved, I am sure Mac would be in a position to turn this futuristic gadget into its functional form within next 20-30 years but if this happens it would change the entire meaning of life on earth.

Via Dvice
Mobile Touchscreen Tablet

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