WinePod: Now Try Winemaking at Home

Think about those dry days when the non-availability of wine in the market ruins your celebration mood. And as a result you end up facing a mess instead of a big festivity. But now getting home this WinePod won’t give an option to crib even on worse of days. Well, this latest edition of WinePod is a pricey kit that allows users to produce around 48 bottles of wine every 30 days. Measuring 4 feet tall, the device occupies 4 feet of space and has integrated sensors that monitor the fermentation process inside the WinePod by wirelessly connected via software called WineCoach. To start with the process, you would need wine grade grapes that can be availed from the WinePod maker.

At present the variety of grapes available include Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Rancho Sarco and Napa River Ranch in Napa Valley, Pinot Noir from Sangiacomo vineyard and Syrah from Annadel vineyard in Sonoma Valley. The winepod is retailed at $4499 and an addition of a bottling kit plus other accessories would demand $5999 with an option for a 30L French oak barrel that would create a surge in its cost by offering it for $6349.

Also, if your father loves wine, then this can be your perfect Father’s day gift.

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