The Xbox-360 Alligator

If you happen to be a part of PETA or feel strongly for any other animal protection group then possible this is not the best post to read. It is not because animals are butchered to design such products but the reason is simple: It won’t smell good to you. Lately got unveiled is the distinct Xbox 360 that looks like it just edged its way out of the Everglades.

The alligator-themed 360 is comes layered with a lizard-textured skin and substitutes the power switch with a realistic alligator eyeball. Before you start throwing your tantrum upon me, listen to me completely.

Xbox-360 Alligator

No matter how realistic looks, but no authentic alligators were injured in the making of this console. And the credit for its realistic appeal goes to Xbox 360 modder dfwmonkie, who developed system’s scaly gator skin using hand-sculpted layers of Bondo with a coat of paint that gives it a lustrous wet look.

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Xbox-360 Alligator

Xbox-360 Alligator

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Xbox-360 Alligator

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