BBQ Donut: Dine Over Floating Restaurant Table

The very mention of ‘dining on water’ gives a clue that you are staying in a waterfront restaurant or an undersea resort. But the case in point is a BBQ-Donut that takes eating on the water to a new level. It is a blend of part lounge, part restaurant table, part BBQ, and part water activity platform. This can be installed for throwing a party under the sky and over the water. The disciplined, quiet electric-powered water platform can accommodate up to 10 people and comes equipped with an influential sound system that rocks the party.

Designed and developed by German inventor and entrepreneur Sebastian Schmitt, it is a low smoke and charcoal burning BBQ from Outdoorchef. It features a table served with food and drink. Measuring 12 feet in diameter, it can surf the water in up to 20 inch waves. Riding at 2.5mph, the BBQ-donut is perfect fit for lakes, rivers and even giant pools. There is no word available about its pricing. We are really overwhelmed with the existence of this BBQ-Donut designed to play an active role in social gatherings.

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BBQ Donut

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