Elite Find of the Day: Multimedia Tombstones Offers Access To Deceased Images, Videos

Once again Japan has proved its credential to deliver exceptional offering. With time, you must have realized that the death ceremony is inviting good amount of attention, thereby giving a last opportunity to do the needful or pay tribute for the deceased. While sending them off in branded coffins that define their personality is not a passe’, here we have another technology-driven way that does justice to the loved ones of the deceased by installing a multimedia tombstone to their name.

Now what does this multimedia feature means? A Japan-based company called Ishinokoe has executed QR technology to furnish gravestones with cell phone accessible hyperlinks that directs visitors to a website allowing them instant view of images, words and videos from the deceased person’s life.

The QR code allows guests to view a salutation from the deceased person’s “principal mourner” together with any messages left in the grave’s guestbook. Not, I am wondering about the possibility of training the morticians about spam blocking techniques and IT support. Equally eye-watching is the news of booking a space trip for the deceased.

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Multimedia Tombstone

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