Heliodisplay 3-D Air Video Screen Is Seriously Intelligent!

Picture this: You are watching a horror movie during midnight with an attached 3-D Air Video Screen and then all of a sudden the characters seem to have entered your room. How would you behave? Shun them out or enjoy their company. If you are love experimenting then surely make this a reality by bringing home a Heliodisplay 3-D Air Video Screen.

Enjoy the video:

All you need to do is to attach any computer or DVD using a standard computer or video cable to the Heliodisplay system and then get ready to visualize the project video or images into mid-air. There are various models available viz. 30″, 50″ and 100″ (all in diagonal). As against M30, the “I” version comes with an integrated touch screen control that helps you interact with floating images or videos. The M30i is retailed at $26, 500.
The 50″ and 100″ models are each only 10″ (25cm) tall and weigh 28lbs (12.7kg), and 68lbs (30kg) respectively. These syatems can be installed on ceiling, wall or can be mounted on pedestal and are available in various resolutions and configurations. The M50 is retailed for $45,000-$47,000. The M100 Heliodisplay multimedia solution directs up to a 100″ diagonal free-space image and is available as an integrated solution.

Check out the video of M50 model:

Heliodisplay 3-D Air Video Screen

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