David Ellis SKDUBS Gold BoomBox, Most Expensive

Till date we have come across various forms of Boomboxes but no one can beat the distinctive creation from SKDubs. Pictured above is a big double bass guitar that serves as the base for SKDubs to juggle up this molded portion of sound-kit. And now your obvious curiosity would be who is the designer mind behind this operational creation? None other than artist David Ellis! The four way speaker system assisted by a twin vacuum tube pre-amp makes this appealing boombox a perfect dose for the ears. To widen your music experience, it features an equalizer from Behringer and a power amplifier from Crown. The entire pack up is tidily enclosed within a double bass guitar that offers an elite appeal.

To make this boombox extra exclusive, SKDubs claims to produce only three such models demanding a hefty sum of $15,000.

Via Deluxe/ TheWorldsBestEver

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