Jumplay: Futuristic Health-Conscious Device

Another concept-based toy for kids but may turn a serious weapon for the health-conscious gentry. Production of gadgets featuring time or message via swiftly vacillating wand preset with tiny LEDs is a passé. Designer Jacky Wu has behaved smartly by implementing this technology to a skipping rope (jumping rope). They say this sensible device keeps a record of every jump and thus features calories burnt within a particular time period via built-in LEDs.


And as a result you have a chimera with a feel that someone is countering in the mid air. It could be a bit too much for all heavy-weights as it may put them in pitiful situation by keeping a low count of their jumps. Say what may but I strongly doubt this concept turning into reality for obvious reasons. Firstly, the smacking of rope with the ground would disturb the intactness of the LEDs. And fortunately, if they happen to function well then constant rubbing on the ground would offer a blur image to read.

Via YankoDesign

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