$10,000 Portable Drink Station

The very mention of portable wine bars gathers my attention and I can’t help but building a virtual appeal for myself owing variety of them. But if ever happen to see reality in company of such drink station then my place would be floored with gathering scheduled every weekend. Not that I love parties but just because I will have a justified reason and rightful company of people to flaunt my purchases. Oops…I forgot to mention the gatherings would be organized under the sky in my lounge.

Lately, my eye-lids stopped at the elite Drink Station, a feature-packed offering by Opulent Items. The portable bar is developed in Germany and is imported from there. It has an integrated refrigerator, ice machine, flute holders, bottle bins, and wooden serving shelf.

Truly, you can make it follow you but it is suggestive to install it near the power outlet to keep your refrigerator cool. It can be yours on a drop of $10,000.

Via MartiniLounge
Portable Drink Station

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