The Uno: One Wheeled Motorcycle?

Widely known as The Uno, it is a seemingly one wheeled motorcycle. Like every year, the 2008 National Motorcycle Show held in Toronto was also stimulated by the American V-twin gang and featured handful of elite machines by area’s top custom builders.

This year the much-n-news machine exhibited at the show was the Uno. Tinted with orange and grey shades, the Uno strikingly made its first public manifestation evenhanded on its two side-by-side wheels and its foot pegs. It was lacking the opportunity of George Jetson riding over it but still managed to break heads by standing away from the gamut of other custom built creations.

The Uno

Developed by a 18-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, the functionalities of the 54.4 kg (120 lb) mechanism is utterly simple that it needs no controls except for an on-off switch. It is very light and can be tilted with your body weight.

Via MotorCycleMojo
The Uno

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  • Oh, so they took a regular motorbike, moved the wheels, creating issues (balance).. to achieve.. A more complicated version of a tried and true design (combined with another already fairly useless design – Segway).


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