DJ Workstation For Wannabe Disc Jockey

I think the die-hard DJ-kings would agree with me that it’s not only the inborn talent but also the ambience that makes the difference to deliver an elite breed of remixes. The product I am taking about would satiate your longing for certain ‘XYZ’ craze that is unconsciously missing. The hows, whys and whichs of the remixes process can truly mar or make a mood but the place where you position your turntables and mixers can also address volumes of your dynamic personality.

Designed by German David Kornmann, Hoerboard is a complete solution to all the worries of DJs. DJ Workstation is a personalized platform that offers you the freedom to position all your gears nattily. Developed out of MDF/Multiplex corpus, you can always ask for high quality coating or toughened lacquered surface to ensemble your way. At the same time, a hard-edged lacquer/varnish exterior assures that it doesn’t leave any stains from the party drinks.

Perceptibly the invited gang can’t help but visit your station with flowing glasses of cocktails and mocktails and making you feel blessed by slipping kisses for heartthrob mixes. The presence of this elite workstation would convey lively vibes, thereby offering a magical evening.

The vertical structure of the turntables offers all mixing- and scratching-space one needs whereas the horizontal position in the archetypal style is made for any conservative spinning-style. For those, who want none of these kinds can opt for a mountable crystal-clear acryl clip for notebook.

Via | BornRich/ DesignSpotter
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