Eco-friendly Cutting Board With Integrated LCD display

Those who wish to have a complete kitchen set up installed (a revised definition of complete) shall read further, others can feel free to skip. The presence of the cooking board I am going to talk about would offer a high-tech look and feel element to the otherwise mundane kitchen. Nardo Design’s new high-tech Digital Cutting Board that infuses a new lease of life into the kitchen cutting board. The cooking instructions are popped up on the integrated detachable LCD display, thereby leaving no space for the imperfection to the dish being cooked. It also gives you access to the downloaded recipes, in case you want to experiment with.

Staring figuring this: All these facilities right your kitchen shelf. All chefs should thank Marc Nardangeli, a design student and creative mind behind this production. The cutting board rests upon comfy rubber feet that support an acrylic board. The acrylic board controls the inner mechanism to run the flexible LCD panel and the compact kit comes potted with a security tempered glass panel that allows finger based, touch screen processing. They say even this device allows the cutting board to download the cooking recipes. On both ends, it has stylish chromium handles.

Now, its eco-friendly touch can better be understood with its components counting the lead and bromide free circuit board and the non-toxic chromium handle. Bottom line: It is still a concept with an extensive potential for functionality. Our eyes are all glued upon the news of its hitting the kitchenware market.

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Eco-friendly Cutting Board with built-in flexible LCD display

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