The Tale: The Computer Bed For Programmers

While working for long in the past, how many times can you recall of having slept at computer desk only? Endless! And next morning you were informed by your mom that you lay down there followed by a good-old shalokas that I don’t want to pen down here (we all are well versed with them and have our own way to counter). But not to forget moms can never be wrong, wrong sitting or sleeping posture affects our health.

Flying BedsCovering that need, here is what I have for you, at least for all geeks: “The computer bed”. It is an ordinary bed that makes a witty use of the space under the table. Operated from gas-assisted pistons, it is often referred to as instinctive in nature. In actuality the gas piston dampens the likely action of mass transfer from bed to desk to bed. This kind of transfer of responsibility is highly appreciable. Having realized in 2002 that this Murphy concept bed is a perfect example of perfection, this bed came into production and today claims to be the one-of-its-kind metal bed frame with wooden slat foundation. These beds are brought to America from Europe and are valued at $3650 (inclusive of mattress).

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The Computer Bed

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