Macbook Air Shimmers With Swarovski Crystals

If I say something that was invented as World’s sleekest laptop is no more maintaining that tag. What would be your reaction? You would make faces and lable me insane. But this seems to be true as after Apple guys invested hours on removing even a single unwanted calorie from its body, Folks from Crystal Icing came into picture. With equal energy and delicacy, they wanted to carve a laurel by maintaining its charm. As a result, they decked up Macbook Air notebooks with a 1/2 pound of Swarovski Crystals (counted 8000), thereby adding 1/8th inch of thickness. Thy say the design and revolutionary innovation is customized and thus is detachable and easy to plug-in with any other notebook. Agreed, the weight disturbs your mind set but this is what bling lovers would welcome.

Via LuxuryLaunches/ CrystalIcing
Macbook Air

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