Medimo: Fitness Machine Accessible On Finger Vein Readers

Till now Hitachi’s finger vein authentication technology called biometric technology that helps recognize individuals through their distinctive pattern of blood vessels within their fingers has proved to be of great help in maintaining security devices starting from ATMs and card less payment systems to computers and automobile ignition systems. And now the technology is heading towards installing a gym. IT company Fukui Computer has recently introduced an array of networked exercise machines named “medimo,” populated with Hitachi finger vein readers. Right when the user presses his finger onto this reader, the machines reverts back by mechanically regulating the weight resistance and seat arrangement based on the user’s earlier set proclivity.

Going beyond this, the machines are also connected to a remote server to recover the user’s private work out data counting from formerly exercise records and stats, training schedule and calorie consumption data, which then becomes visible on a touch-screen display. Users can then rely on this data, which keeps on updating every time with the machine is used. Fukui has by now introduced almost 12 new medimo machines on 18 February and plans to sell them from 1 April with a price tag of $17,000 each. The company is hopeful to produce around 2,000 machines over next 3 years.

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