Bandai Bubbly Bubble Bath for a Rich Douse

Those who want to celebrate this Valentine day with a difference should read further others can free feel to skip. I am sure bathing in a hot-tub might not sound new to you. Also, your thought of bathing in a tub with floating rose petals gives me an opportunity to say that it is another outdated concept.

Try your emotions in a Bandai bubble-bath from Japan that offers the most outstanding bubble-bath tablets, thereby adding vitality to any festivity. This would stay memorable throughout your life. It seems no less than a tub packed with money as the bubble-bath tablets are shaped like banknotes. A single packet of bubble-bath agent contains 10 tablets formed in “100,000 yen” currency. When you find yourself floating inside the bath, the tablets fizz away and create bubbles. With a mere drop of $2.35, you can experiment with an lavish hard cash drench.

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Bubbly Bubble Bath

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