Readius: World’s First Cell Phone with 5-Inch Fold-Out Display

Polymer Vision, a Dutch-based company has plans to unveil the world’s first cell phone that offers a fold-out display enabling you an access over the email, podcasts, text documents, news and blogs. Identified as the “Readius,” the 5-inch screen comes out from the body of the phone enabling you to read clearly on a big screen.

This is being counted as the unique feature ever designed in the cell phone industry as it offers much comfort within this packed minute device. It is handy to be fitted into your pocket regardless of its huge 5-inch screen. The developers of the Readius claim: “It provides you with a large display of e-reading, the ultra power-packed battery life of e-reading, and the high-end connectivity.”


The exclusive Readius is seemingly a blend between the Amazon Kindle (electronic book reader) and an ordinary mobile phone. It boasts of a black and white screen, on the lines of Amazon Kindle that resembles like ink and paper from an actual book or newspaper. The news is that Readius is anticipated to hit the market by mid-2008 and there is no word about its pricing. One can vouch that its cost won’t be less than any other high-end cell phones available in the market ($300-$500?).


The big question lies in the success of the cell phone/e-reader in a cell phone market, which is presently governed by the Internet connectivity, GPS capacity, and full-color touch-screen displays.

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