Las Vegas to Erect World’s First 30 Story Vertical Farm

Las Vegas, world’s tourist Mecca has plans to develop World’s first vertical farm. This $200 million scheme is intended to be a purposeful and lucrative operational farm expected to grow sufficient quality of food to feed 72,000 people in a year. This would be another sightseer appeal to the city that does the lot in a larger than life way.

If facts could make you realize the need of such farm lands then here they are. At present, the world makes use of almost 80% of the existing farm land and 60% of the earth’s population resides in the vicinity of the urban environment so the rational alternative for farming is to go up for land where the surroundings are under control and distribution is local.
Nevada State officials have found Las Vegas as one such place that meets all these prerequisites. This model of theirs would display their sustainability and ecological consciousness rather than presenting an image of waste and excess. The project is anticipated to generate annual revenue of $25 million from produce and another $15 million from tourists. It is being claimed that this 30-story vertical farm would beat any renowned casino in terms of its profits with operating expenses only around $6 million a year.

Around 100 crops would be grown and the yields would go directly to the casinos and hotel properties. Design minutiae is expected to be charted in 2008 and the project would be initiated in the middle of 2010.

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