Luxury genes – Know thyself for $350,000

If I say that the ongoing trend is spend outrageously then don’t mistake to label me crazy. Because I mean it! Now you can update your knowledge about your own DNA code by dropping $350,000. A Cambridge-based firm called Knome is offering whole-genome sequencing to individuals. I agree, the concept is not new and familiar names like Google’s 23andMe, Iceland’s Decode Genetics and Navigenics of Redwood Shores have been associated with it and offering it at a much affordable cost of $985 to $2,500.

But, mind you those affordable package count only the million genes variations while Knome asserts to scan around 3 billion letter pairs in an individual’s genome within no time. With the help of DNA findings, you can identify your family tree and also the diseases you are pone to. It is a clear invitation for filthy-rich class who have money to burn and heart to experiment. Knome claims to entertain only 20 individuals willing to drop out $350,000. Well if you have this spare amount then i would suggest you to give one to your self-obsessed friend.

Via BornRich / Forbes

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