Gothic Dog Unveils Diamond Jewelry for Your Poochies

Peek into the world of Gothic Dog production and you will realize the amount of respect our four-legged friends are getting. The deluxe jewelry line available at their store clearly exemplifies the affluence allied with pets in today’s era. On the lines of £500,000 dog collar, $5,084 diamond coat by Vivienne Westwood, and $31,660 Hello Kitty’s Doghouse$1.8 mn Dog Collar, world’s most expensive one; the offering by Gothic Dog justifies the deserving right of pets to clad themselves in luxurious and designer accessories.

Consisting of urbane patterns made up from the premium resources, right from colored sapphires to monochrome diamonds, authentic silver to 14 karat gold, Gothic Dog designs offers the freedom to its customers to coddle their poochies. The aim of designer Jennifer Barber behind its creation is to commemorate pet’s major role in his or her owner’s life. The huge variety of Gothic Dog’s product line includes astounding trinkets and the iconic six-carat diamond “Red Carpet Collar.” Also, every piece is hand-crafted by a proficient jeweler and carries a tag of Gothic Dog’s initials at its back for legitimacy.

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Gothic Dog

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