Huge Italian Truffle To Fetch $216,000

Days back we told you about a 750-gram white truffle that happened to be the world’s most expensive truffle ever as was purchased by an anonymous buyer from Hong Kong for $2, 10,000. But it seems that there is its competitor that can beat it if got sold for $216,000.

A 1.5-kg white truffle originated from Italian geography is expected to be sold for will be sold for 150,000 euros ($216,000) at a charity auction scheduled in Macau. Truffle hunter Cristiano Savini’s dog, Rocco, snuffled out the truffle, one of the leading discovered in the past 50 years, by an oak tree near Pisa last weekend, in the vicinity of Tuscany where Cristiano and his dad investigate for truffles every year. The truffle was positioned 75 cms. ( 2.5 feet) underground. Canyou imagine the time invested to extract it? More than an hour!

Via Reuters

Italian Truffle

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