$1.5 mn Macedonian Gold Wreath Attracts Greek Populace

Lately NYT reported that Marion True went under investigation last week for holding 29 couched antiquities in her Greek island in Athens. The news revolves around the acquirement of an antique gold funerary wreath that Greek officials claim was illicitly detached in July 1993 by the J. Paul Getty Museum. The cost of this Hellenistic-era gold wreath was calculated around $1.5 million. And finally the wreath was delivered to Greece earlier this year. An accurate wreath confirms that wreath was originated from an elite grave in Macedonia but unfortunately those archaeological reports are missing.

Featured above is that Macedonian gold wreath at the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki during its official return to the museum. I don’t care what archaeological facts convey as my doubt still lingers what made it so pricey? Is it Diamonds, Gold, Crystals or its Old Age, which is becoming a common USP for any antique valuable that exist today.
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Macedonian Gold Wreath

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