Ancient Chinese Vase Fetched £2.8mn

Buried amidst dirty shoe boxes and dresses for almost three decades, a valuable 18th century Chinese vase lately invited the highest bid of $5.87 million at Sotheby’s. The owner of the case is a Switzerland-based person who made an effort to put this vase for auction after witnessing a similar work at London museum.

Since 1970, this vase festooned with blue-and-white “dragon” art work was piled up in her wardrobe. Alastair Gibson, the head of London-based Sotheby’s Chinese department said that it has increased its value by 250 times. The global market for Chinese antiquities is flourishing and is fueled in part by an escalating desire in regards to wealthy Chinese collectors for remnants of their country’s royal history. As per Gibson, it is residing in woman’s house since 1950s, when she bought it from a German antique dealer. It was used by them to hold flowers.


Chinese Vase

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