The Nadir of Moral Degradation: Butt-Shaped Ashtray

It really sounds a bit bizarre to design a butt-shaped ashtray. I don’t know what motivated the designer and producer of this cigarette extinguisher to give it such an awful shape. Is it trying to symbolize something related to sex…or what, I really have no clues. What do you think it could mean? Anyways, the idea has actually been somewhat new, something that has never been thought of before. So, I think that we should acknowledge the innovative idea, but it could actually have been made better than what it is right now.

Butt-Shaped Ashtray

I feel that the butt-hole which is made for extinguishing the cigarette is extremely dissipated. It is made to accommodate a cigarette and extinguish it. It is obviously made for the elite society. But, would you ever muster up the courage to place it at you workplace or in your drawing-room? I don’t think so…

May be, the producer is aiming at discouraging cigarette smoking by producing such a depraved extinguisher. But, let’s make it a point to think of morality before even thinking of making such products, even if they are for fun.

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Butt-Shaped Ashtray

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