Kalamazoo Designs The Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

Leaving behind traditional kitchen set up and also the new-old modular look, Kalamazoo presents the superior kitchen cabinet design for your outdoor premises. Having partnered with Perlick, Kalamazoo has a platter of Outdoor Gourmet appliances. And now you can cook food under the sun or while enjoying rain in your lobby.

Starting from bearings, hinges, glides, brackets, fasteners and legs, each and every cabinet is made up of stainless steel. The robust look of the furniture comes from the mild usage of heavy stainless steel, hard-core hand fabrication techniques and creative R&D processes.

Outdoor Kitchen

An unblemished rain gutter engulfs the doors and drawers of each outdoor Kitchen and there is no issue about its getting dirty and even if does, maintenance is not an issue. The design of the kitchen meets severe NEMA 4 benchmark for imperishable electrical corrals.

The group offers you a wide variety of choice to pick the ultra-modern outdoor gourmet entertaining apparatus incorporated into stone brickwork, or a stand-alone kitchen made up of stainless steel. The facility can be available while making a single call and the guys would be ready to carve your dream kitchen.


Kalamazoo Kitchen

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