World’s most-expensive mascara for lusty eyes – $589

Lavish living style of elite segment of the society takes care not-to-miss even a single opportunity to flaunt their class. And the most-silent way to express this is through their beauty, natural or self-created; who cares?

Supporting their on-going mission, the much-available world’s most expensive mascara for $589 is giving them a sigh of relief. Mind you it is purely a mascara that might seem like an eye-jewel. To justify the bulky price, the Socialite Collection, Taysha Smith Valez offers Swarovski-coated tube of mascara within this cost. Isn’t it great?

The whooping demand of product has not only invited eyeballs as the brand sold 1,700 tubes of the opulent lash coating in its first week of launch. Witnessing this beauty-product trading well in the market, one cannot stop asking the entrepreneur of company about the risk involved in producing this elite product and over that her great hopes with the product. It is the confidence of Smith Valez, the 25-year old industrialist that encouraged her without a single doubt to produce this mascara assuring worthy returns. Not to forget she is one of them.

Smith’s services are not restricted to the sales of high-end products but also offer a janitor service for a year after its purchase. Those fond of H. Couture’s collection, shall move towards Bianca’s Luxury division, the hottest department Store on Earth.


World’s most-expensive mascara

World’s most-expensive mascara

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  • It is ridiculous to pay such high prices for a small bottle of mascara!!!!! There are people in our country loosing their jobs with no place to live, and they cant take care of their families!!!!!!!!!!!! People in our country our dying and those 589 dollars could go to a family or a charity who plans to spend that money well. Mascara is a superficial thing that nobody realy needs it is just a want that most women prefer. With our economy at this terrible rate it is absolutely ridiculous to buy that. Image isnt what counts it is youe personality and heart that are valued in life.

  • Tammy I agree what your saying but if a hard working women wants to spend that much money on mascara who are you to judge. Just because you cant afford it doesnt mean its wrong if someone else can.
    Only God can judge peoples actions not you.

  • Wow,cool. But extremely pricey I have to say. But still cool. I’ll bye it if the price was a bit lower though.

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