Jauana Peekaboo Skull Ring and Pendant

Rings seem to rule all ages. Poison rings had their own charm in Middle Ages by protecting people from infirmity and bad omen through its in-built Holy remnants. Followed by it, these rings were used as a parcel of love during the Renaissance period.
Today also the custom has been embraced with the same enthusiasm but it seems that the taste and choice of people has undergone a change.
Keeping space with our past, The Juana Peekaboo Skull Ring and pendant is named after Queen Juana ‘La Loca’ of Spain and is the unique state-of-the-art designer collection.

Made up of 18K yellow gold, the skull ring body is covered with crossbones embedded with diamonds, which stands as its USP. A deep peep to the inside of the ring will introduce you to a skull with big ashen sapphire eyes.

Deserving and Retail Price: $7000
Well, the skull pendant locket opens to reveal a skull. This 15″ or 18″ chain is made up of 18K white gold decorated with black diamonds.
Skull Pendant
Worthy Retail Price: $5600
Via Luxist

Skull Ring

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