Lauge Jensen Designs a Motor Bike Garage for a Luxury Yacht

The luxury yacht builders are always striving to cater to the whims and fancies of the super rich. The Austrian luxury yacht builder Dominator Yachts has joined hands with Danish custom motorcycle builder Lauge Jensen and created a unique, elegant and useful way of storing a motorcycle onboard a yacht. This amazing concept has been named the ‘Lauge Jensen Tender’ and was showcased at the prestigious Düsseldorf Boat Show this year. There has been many concepts and designs of bespoke garage for super cars on luxury yachts. This is perhaps the first time that a motorcycle garage has been designed for a yacht. The motorbike enthusiasts amongst the yacht owners will love it  and will surely be inspired to incorporate a similar design on their yacht.

A Mechanical Arm Unloads the Bike on the Dock

The yacht was on display at the Düsseldorf Boat Show this year and was able to attract the attention of the visitors and the media for the novelty of its design. The concept was well appreciated, particularly because it does not use much space and also serves as a bar counter. The bike garage is built on the top deck of the yacht. It has an inbuilt mechanical arm that can unload the motorbike on the dock. Its finish is premium and will surely satisfy the owner of a super bike.

Motorcycle Garage on a Yacht

Lauge Jensen Had Plated a Bike With 24 Carat Gold

Lauge Jensen, the Danish custom motorcycle builder is known for making ultra luxurious and expensive bikes. They had created a buzz with a bike that they had plated with 24 carat gold. Their expensive creations are aimed at the super rich as only they can afford them. The super rich yacht owners are their potential customers and giving them the option of carrying their super bikes on the yacht is sure to excite them. In any case it is an amazing concept that is going to inspire other yacht builders to incorporate similar designs of bike garage in their yacht. You never know it might even give a boost the sales of super bikes.

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