Lamborghini Carves the Most Expensive Car Out of 500 Kg Gold Block

Records are not new for Lamborghini as they keep making them and breaking them in terms of power, performance and price. The latest one off car they are making is a completely gold plated Lamborghini that will cost a staggering $7.5 million and create a new record for being the world’s most expensive car. The body of the new car would not be simply gold plated but crafted out of gold. It would actually be carved out of a 500 Kg block of solid gold. This is pure luxury and very few of us would even dare to dream about. In totality the car would actually have 25 kilogram of gold. The basic cost of the gold and the other precious metals and stones that would go in making the car would be about $2.64 million.

The Base Price of $7.5 Million Includes $650,000 Donation to Charity

The car is a head turner. It will stand out in any lineup of cars. Te car is being readied for an auction where the base price has been fixed at $7.5 million. There is every possibility that the successful bid for the car ends up being much higher. There is a charity component in the price also as $650,000 will be donated for a noble cause. The exclusive car is not just about looks but high on performance as well. It boasts of a V12 engine and a huge 700 bhp. A prototype of the car has been put on display in Dubai. The actual car will be produced later. At this price point whoever buys this car would insist on incorporating many specifications according to his preference. The car would be made according to the buyer’s specifications.

Gold-plated-Lamborghini, the Most Expensive Car in the World

The Car has 3 Entries in the Guinness Book of World Records

The golden car has entered the Guinness Book of World Records and has got not one but three mentions. In the record books it is described as being the most expensive car ever, having the most secure showcase, and featuring the most luxurious logo. A Lamborghini spokesperson talked about the car to CNBC. The display of the prototype has not generated much interest so far. But he pointed out that the gold plated car would make a very sound investment opportunity. It is highly likely that the value of the car would increase significantly in the coming years. The auction will be held in Dubai and I am sure there will be many who would like to own the most expensive car in the world.

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