World’s First Most Expensive hockey-stick Valued at $4-25 Million

The first hockey stick which is obviously the oldest hockey stick in the world has been appraised at $4.25 million. It surprised everyone including the current owners of the antique hockey stick who have inherited it through generations. Age of a well preserved article adds value to it and when it is the first such article it becomes almost invaluable. It is not a simple old wooden stick but the first example of a modern hockey stick which was made just a few decades before the very first ice hockey game was played. And this is what makes the wooden stick so rare and so valuable.

The Stick Was Made in the 1850s in Ontario

The rare wooden stick which could be classified as the first prototype of the modern hockey sticks was made in the 1850s in Ontario. The rare creation which must have been considered innovative design at the time has stayed with the family of the creators and has been passed down from generation to generation. The current owner, Gordon Sharpe new that the stick was rare and valuable but the figure the appraisers arrived at was beyond his imagination. He simply could not believe that a simple wooden stick could be valued in millions. Thousands seemed more likely when he had gone to the appraisers with his rare stick.

First Hockey Stick Made in 1850s

Current Owner of the Stick Tried to Auction it Off on Three Occasions

It was like winning a jackpot for Sharpe and he has tried to cash it by putting the stick on the auction block. On three different occasions he has tried to auction it off from different platforms but did not sell it ultimately. The rare and the most expensive hockey stick is currently in Toronto and has been put on display for others to admire. It is displayed in former Canadian professional ice hockey player and former head coach, Wayne Gretzky’s bar and stored at the Hockey Hall of Fame. It must be a dilemma for Sharpe whether to hold on to the multi-million dollar stick or cash it for a more lavish lifestyle.

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