Richard Branson Hires Vivienne Westwood to Redesign Virgin Atlantic Uniforms

Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin brand represent a rock ‘n’ roll ethos which is represented by the clothes his staffs wear. Virgin Atlantic decided to update and redesign the uniform of its staff and so Mr. Branson hired Dame Vivienne Westwood for the project. Her brief was to design a range of uniforms that projects the brand’s core ethos and it should be created out of sustainable materials. The idea was to challenge the status quo and create something truly memorable. Mr. Branson believes that Dame Vivienne and her team share his spirit of adventure and would be most suited for the project.

Vivienne-Westwood and Richard-Branson

Women’s Uniform Are in Virgin Red and Men’s in Rich Burgundy

Dame Vivienne said about her clothes that they are very body conscious and help you look glamorous. They enjoy a strong dynamic rapport with the body. The uniform for the women staff is made in the classic Virgin red and it consists of a double breasted jacket and a pencil skirt that are nipped at the waist with pleats reminding you of the 1940s French couture. The uniform for men seem to be inspired by the classic British tailoring with Westwood’s variation of the three piece suit made famous by London’s Saville Row. The colour of the suits is rich burgundy with grey shadow details under the pockets.


The Uniforms Produced in Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Way

The fabrics for the uniforms will be produced by Closed Loop Recycling that creates new material by processing fibres taken from used clothing. The commitment from the very beginning was to produce the uniforms in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The new uniforms will be worn by 7,500 staff of Virgin and some of them will appear in the new look starting June this year. There might be some refitting after taking into account the feedback. The full roll out of the new uniforms is expected in 2014. The airline will also introduce recycled cabin crew bags that are being produced by the Ethical Fashion Initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations-backed International Trade Centre. This new project by Virgin is taking forward the trend of fashion and aviation coming closer together.

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