Hublot Introduces MP-05 LaFerrari With 50 Days power Reserve

Hublot has released its new intensely engineered MP-05 LaFerrari watch as part of its Masterpiece series. The Swiss watch maker has collaborated with several top brands and has created things beyond watches. They enjoy a good relationship with Ferrari and it has grown stronger over the years. The MP-05 is a true Ferrari watch as the elements of luxury haven’t taken the form of gold or diamond but have been built on performance, mechanical intrigue, and modern design. It is destined to become a star of the Hublot Masterpiece collection solely on the strength of its unique design and superior performance.


A Total of 637 Parts Put Together to Create the Movement

The design of the MP-05 La Ferrari watch is a take-off on their earlier Hublot La Cle Du Temps. It has a similar sleek, tapering black case with horizontally mounted tourbillions. The watch has borrowed the smooth lines of the 2013 La Ferrari car. The watch features Hublot made caliber HUB9005.H1.6 manually wound movement. The dial of the watch is open with an innovatively shaped sapphire crystal that allows you to view the movement. It is a new movement that they have developed in-house and boasts of more parts than ever before. A total of 637 parts have been put together to create the movement that allows a very long power reserve.

LaFerarri that Inspired the Smooth Lines

Limited Edition Design With Only 50 Numbered Units Planned

The power is generated by eleven mainspring barrels that are coupled together. As a result it requires too much time for winding and Hublot has created an electronic screw driver and a  tool set to help you wind and set the watch. The watch that tells time on barrel drums comes  in a matte black case done in titanium with a rubber strap. In short, the new Masterpiece from Hublot has several specifications that give the wearer bragging rights. It is a limited edition design with a production plan of only 50 numbered units. I am sure there are more admirers of Ferrari than that and you will need to pre-order to ensure that you get your Hublot with a power reserve of 50 days.

Electronic Screw Driver for Winding the Watch

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