Hermes Tshirt priced at $91,500. I think I’ll pass

Hermes is known for its exorbitantly priced products like the Hermes Birkin bags. But this time around it has just crossed to the ‘its so ridiculous its funny’ side with its $91,500 T-shirt. When one thinks of T-shirts one thinks comfy and smart. Oh my god its’ so expensive, I could buy 3-4 cars at that T-shirts price isn’t the thought that comes to mind.  Recently, a blogger for The Awl Blog spotted this particular T-shirt at the French fashion houses’ flagship store in Madison Avenue. According to the blog, an additional sales tax of $8,000 will bring this apparel’s price tag to nearly six figures. If you cant believe it, here is a picture of the price tag (see below).

At this point I should tell you that this isn’t a solitary T-shirt in this price range. It is actually part of Hermes chiffon crocodile shirt line that made its debut last year in their Spring 2013 fashion show. All the tops in this collection have a price range of $60,000 and $100,000. We do understand that crocodile skin is pricey, but this is just too much.  The thought that comes to mind is that does anyone even buy these things? You’d be surprised. Last year, the Olsen twins came out with a black crocodile leather bag designed by the famous artist Damien Hirst for their fashion line. The price tag? A cool $55,00. Their previous $39,000 bags had flown off the shelf!

hermes shirt

hermes crocodile skin shirt

The shirt in itself does not look out of this world. I guess on a gorgeous model it does. But the point is that some people buy certain over-priced things just because they can. not because it has any utility or value that is congruent to the asked price. Since I am not one of them I will have to wear my regular cotton T-shirts. Besides, the thought of wearing something made of crocodile skin creeps me out.

Via: DailyMail , BusinessInsider

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