The DARTZ Motorz Company’s Exclusive China Edition Bulletproof Luxury Car, The Black Snake

The DARTZ Motorz Company has brought out its first non-armoured luxury
vehicle called the Black Snake specially for its Chinese customers.
Why only China? And Why Black Snake? 2013 is the Year of the Snake for
the Chinese and hence, the Latvia-based luxury armoured vehicle
manufacturer has come out with this new model for its burgeoning
clientele in China. This particular model is not armoured and is based
on the design of Mercedes GL 63 AMG. They haven’t announced the price
but modest estimates hover around $1million. For the Black Snake, the
manufacturers have tried to bring together S-class like comfort and
AMG-like performance. First the performance: its AMG 5.5-litre V8
bi-turbo engine is capable of 557 hp, 560 lb-ft of torque, and an
acceleration of 0 to 60mph in 4.9 seconds.

The Exterior of the Vehicle is Made From Space Grade Aluminum

In addition to all this, its AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension allows
for easy breezy manoeuvring. The exterior is made from space grade
aluminium using the Russian “kapsula” technology. Apparetly this
technology was first employed for the bullet-proof car of Stalin. Its
hood is covered with leaf gold formed in the pattern of snakeskin. A
diamond ornament by Smolensk Kristall is optional. The seats can be
made from the leather of your choice, with double topstitching and
DARTZ badges commemorating this special Snake edition. . Snake wood
has been used for the dashboard, armrests and door panelling, while
white shark skin was used for the floor mats (If I were to sit in this
car I am pretty sure I would have nightmares of sharks and snakes).
Each owner will also get 56 g of premium Mottra caviar delivered
monthly for the two whole years, and three varieties of RussoBaltique
Vodka with a diamond filter of their choice.

The Black Snake by Dartz Motorz Company

The New Automobiles Are Called Bullet Proof Trend Setters
Leonard F. Yankelovich who runs the company does not like his
creations to be grouped in the SUV category, due to its rather
‘Proletariat’ connotation. He instead calls them BNOs (Bespoke, Noble,
Opulent). He operates his factory from the old Russo-Balt factory in
Riga and goes by the tagline: “Bullet Proof Trend Setters”. The
company’s repertoire consists of armoured luxury tanks/cars like the
T-98 Kombat($225,000), the $1-million Prombron, among others.
Yankelovich believes that these bespoke cars provide distinction. He
says that just as a lady does not go to important events in the same
dress, she shouldn’t go to them in the same car. But a dress doesn’t
cost nearly as much as DAARTZ’s cars. But he has a point when he says
that China has a growing class of ultra rich who are not shying away
from flaunting their wealth. With that in mind, this exclusive edition
is a very good idea for the company to expand its brand-name in this
rising super-power.
He goes on to call it a “bulletproof investment” not because of the
car’s bullet-proof feature but because these are truly masterpieces.
The more conservative billionaires might be content with their
Rolls-Royce Phantoms, but cars like Black Snake have a definite edge
because as Mr. Yankelovich himself said, these cars are Bespoke,
Noble, Opulent, and might I add Unique. Seeing that this sort of
opulence is the favourite pastime of Sheikhs in the Middle East, the
company will release an even more luxe model for them, called the
Black Falcon.

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