Jewel Lines Combines Precious Vodka With Precious Stone in Diamond Shaped Bottle

Precious Vodka is unique and believes in providing a unique experience. Jewel Lines has created an interesting and a premium combination to deliver a truly unique experience. The combination is the ultra premium Precious Vodka with the most valuable natural precious stones in the world. Precious Vodka is the recipient of the Silver Medal San Francisco Awards in 2011. And the recognition is justified because it is distilled carefully many times over from the best of the winter wheat. Jewel Lines has gone to great lengths to make this production special. The award winning vodka is bottled in a luxury diamond shaped container which is topped with a single real precious stone.

Only Top 10% of the Annual Harvest of Wheat is Selected for Making the Vodka

The process of producing the Precious Vodka begins with selecting the right winter wheat which is then nourished with post glacial subterranean spring water. The selection of the wheat is done very meticulously with only the top 10% of the annual harvest making the grade. Their master distiller takes the selected and nourished wheat and distills it six times before adding locally sourced natural spring water to dilute it. It is this water that adds a unique flavor to the final produce. The spring water is high in mineral content which results in giving a very strong but natural citric aromatic nose and flavor to the Precious Vodka. The distilleries producing Precious Vodka use the most innovative German technology.

Jewel Lines' Precious Vodka

Jewel Lines’ Precious Vodka is Now Available Globally

The diamond shaped bottles were created with great care as is evident from the extreme detail. It really stands out in a crowd and is capable of turning heads. Adding the gemstone to the overall package is also an innovative masterstroke as it adds a unique quality to the overall experience. The natural gemstones placed in the bottles are fully certified. The collection of gemstones includes sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, and peridot. The precious stones are specially crafted before they are placed in the bottle. Every bottle has a sticker that identifies the jewel within. Jewel Lines’ Precious Vodka is available globally and will be shipped from Europe to your address.

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