BiCE Serves Most Expensive Pasta With Lobster and Truffle on a Versace Platter

A pasts dish costing $2,013 sounds outlandish but a high end New York restaurant has done it and launched the most expensive pasta dish in their new menu. Cooking up a most expensive dish without taking support of precious metals or stones is almost impossible and this one is no exception. BiCE is the swanky restaurant located in midtown Manhattan that has taken this initiative and created a dish of homemade tagliolini and topped it with two pounds of fresh Marine lobster. To make it richer they have added an ounce of black truffle. Executive Chef Silverio Chavez is confident that the rich dish will not only be liked by the affluent diners but will become a rage in the elite circle.

Gold Leaf Platter Designed by Versace

The Dish is Served on a Gold Leaf Platter Designed by Versace

The chef has balanced all the flavors and thinks that it will all work very well together. He expects it all to melt in your mouth. The lobster used for the dish will be fresh and tender. Sauted mushrooms and fresh tomatoes which are the other ingredients of the dish will also add to the flavor of the most expensive dish created by Mr. Chavez. The Mexican born chef also couldn’t resist the gimmick of using gold. The dish comes served on a gold leaf platter. And it is no simple platter but it has been designed by the late fashion mogul Gianni Versace. The plate is part of the offering as the diners are allowed to take home the plate which bears Versace’s signature and the restaurant’s logo.

Most Expensive Pasta Dish

Only 45 Pieces of the Gold Leaf Platter are Left with BiCE

BiCE has a long history and was originally launched in Milan, Italy, in 1926. Versace was not only a regular but a fan of the restaurant. Just few months before his death in 1997 he was requested by the restaurant to design a limited edition piece of chinaware for the dining chain. Originally 800 plates were made in the design and most of them have gone to the customers but 45 pieces are still left with the restaurant according to the Executive Chef. This is truly a limited edition offer as over the years even the platter will appreciate in value and become a collector’s item. BiCE has completed 25 years in New York and is planning to open new restaurants under the chain in diverse locations like Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, China and the UK.

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