Blossom Coffee Creates the Ultimate Coffee Machine Worth $11,111

Blossom Coffee has created the ultimate coffee machine called the Blossom One Limited. The company claims that the classy gadget was designed by former employees of great institutions and companies like NASA, Apple and Tesla. It is a bespoke product that can add some flair to even the most stylish and lavishly equipped kitchen. The coffee machine is expected to provide connoisseurs an exceptional cup of coffee. However, the new gadget is in the race to be dubbed the most expensive coffee machine and mind you, there are no diamonds of precious metals used to make this appliance. The Blossom One Limited coffee machine by Blossom Coffee carries a price tag of us$11,111 which is equivalent to the price of 3,700 tall lattes from Starbucks.

Blossom Coffee has Highlighting Features to Justify the Price

Blossom Coffee will have to do a lot of convincing to justify the price and they are highlighting several features that you won’t find in a cheaper alternative. The way the machine has been built spells quality. It sports a modular design and all its parts are conveniently serviceable. Another aspect of the design that makes the machine very convenient to use that it supports any standard E61 Portafilter basket. It is a quiet operator because of its silent reservoir. There are no operational noises that are a given in ordinary machines. However, there is no automatic plunger in the machine as the coffee filtering process is better controlled by hand.

The Hi-Tech Machine is Integrated With Cloud

The Blossom One Limited is a hi-tech machine as it features cloud integration. It is Wi-Fi enabled and features a 1.3 MP camera that together allow you to download and share brew recipes and operate the machine remotely. You can feed the recipe as QR codes and brew the perfect cup. The high value coffee machine is most likely to find customers in cafes, hotels and affluent coffee lovers who are fussy about how their coffee is brewed. There is some customization options available as the machine can be constructed from mahogany, walnut, sapele, teak or zebra-wood. The machine can also be made to match your existing kitchen fittings. The Blossom One Limited is available for pre order but the delivery will start in the beginning of 2013.

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