Malibu Estate That Starred In ‘True Blood’ Is On The Market

You would expect that a Malibu estate that has starred in a hit TV series like “True Blood” would make a killing on the market. Well, that is not always the case; not even for the house that played the setting for Sophie-Anne LeClerq, the vampire queen of Louisiana. On the contrary, the luxury mansion in question – which goes by the name of Villa Contenta – has been languishing on the market since December 2010, but there are still no takers. Of course, that may have something to do with the initial high price of the estate – an almost ridiculously inflated $75 million. But the owners have since reduced their asking price to a more reasonable $54 millions, and the home still remains unsold.

I guess, being a Hollywood star is not always a guarantee for sale. The lavish home also appeared in films like “I Love You Man” and “Funny People”, but that is not helping its chances either. The good thing is that luxury property buyers on a budget can now look at this estate as two separate plots. The 12,000-square-foot main residence and the open area that comes with it can be purchased for $23.8 million. If you look at the detailing, it certainly sounds like this Hollywood venue is worth the money.

The Malibu estate features a limestone entry. You cannot help gaping at the museum-quality carved mirror sculpture by Thomas Chippendale, and the hand-made pietra dura mosaic that adorns the property. The home offers brilliant scenic views, houses an ornate home theater, a grand living area with a fireplace, but to get the outdoor swimming pool, you need to buy the other property.

Via: Curbed

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