Swiss Students Coming into the Job Market this Year Expect to be Paid 27% More

Universum is an employer branding firm that helps employers to understand, attract and retain current and future ideal employees. They keep studying the market to keep reading the trends and the pulse of the market. They have recently released the 2012 Cost of Talent Index. It is a report on 20 major countries and ranks the expected salaries fresh college graduates are going to demand and get. According to their ranking the students who are going to graduate this year expect to earn roughly twice the amount the British graduates are expected to get. The pre tax take home salary a Swiss student is looking forward to is$6,612 while it is only $3,299 for the British.

Creation of New Jobs Fuels Expectation

Another important finding of the study is the growth or its absence in the expectation levels in different countries. It is even an indicator of the economic condition prevailing in the respective countries. Switzerland is not simply at the top in terms of the absolute value of the salary their students expect but it is the country that has registered the highest growth in the expectation levels as compared to last year. The Swiss students’ expectation has gone up by 27.5% when compared to the 2011 figure. Switzerland was placed fourth last year with expected monthly salary of $5,184. Petter Nylander, the CEO of Universum believes that the talent in a market is always one step ahead of the economy and is very well informed.

Switzerland and Canada Record Positive Growth

After Switzerland it is Canada that has reported the largest increase in expected salary for college grads. The first six months of the year has seen positive jobs growth in the country. Hence the new graduates expect to be paid a monthly salary of $4,594 which is substantially higher than the last year figure of $4,369. Canada has added 155,000 jobs this year and more importantly most of these new jobs are of the full-time and high-paying variety. The economic and the job growth in America is flat and the same is reflected in the figures of anticipated earnings of new employees. The students expect to earn almost the same as last year. Sweden and Finland are the other two countries that expect to see a positive increase in the salaries of fresh graduates.

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