14 Carat Gold Chess Set Is Literally Dazzling

This unique 14 karat gold Chess Set is based on a fourteenth century theme and is No 1 of a series 12. The 14 k Gold Chess Set – Circa 1972  was designed for the Cole family in 1972 by J Grahl Design. This distinctive looking medieval chess pieces will match with any chess board. The chess set is heavy enough to weigh 11.5 lb. The pieces are in European attire with appropriate adornment and armament of medieval period. The playing surface is of sterling silver and Gaboon ebony. It has Cherry wood case on yellow bronze and cast iron framework. Germany imported glass plate can be hand rolled. The game is kept in a box which allows it to be used and displayed for many years.

The gold chess set combines its aesthetic beauty with form and function. The set is truly collector’s items and buying the 14 k gold chess set is not only cool but also an expensive choice. Moreover, one cannot buy such expensive set for someone who plays regularly. The length of pawns appears to be 2 inch tall which facilitates easy gripping on to the pawns. Even if you drop them they won’t get scratched.

Every piece is tastefully designed. If you play the game with your friend, gold’s glitter may distract the attention of the opposite player which increases your chances of winning the game. The perfection in each detail enlivens the game. The gold chess set at present is in Gemological institute of America. If you wish to own one like this, the art work would cost you about $450,000 – $700,000. If you are a professional designer you could bargain the price. You could go through our previous articles about paul smith chess set , Golden Gothic Chess Board and LED Chess set.


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