A Luxury Platform Bed for Cats Would Cost you $1,600

Pet owners love their pets and like to spoil them with luxury. In any case they are always concerned about their well being and comfort. The designers and manufacturers have started catering to this demand and have created feline furniture that raises the bar for cat comfort. It is designed as if it is a luxury bed for humans which has been miniaturized. The pet owners are going to love it and their furry friends would simply luxuriate in them. It is a tiny platform bed for cats which has been constructed extravagantly to provide the cats unprecedented comfort. The beds are sure to find their way to luxury cat hotels.

The feline bed has been designed in such a way that it allows the cats to relax in style. It is no less than a bed used by humans and much superior to regular standard beds that we use. It is a complete bed set and has been crafted out of superior material to give it the perfect finish. The luxury bed for pets is made from paradise wood and comes with a perfectly finished mini duvet and cat sized pillows. The set also includes neat bedside tables perhaps to store the pets next feed or some toys it plays with. The pet hotels will simply love it as it will give them an edge.

The ultra luxurious cat bed has been designed and manufactured by Pet furniture firm Cedel Pets and Style. This is purely a high end bed with an equally high end price tag. It is the ultimate in feline bed luxury and the pet owner should be prepared to pay for it. The platform bed is well crafted and takes five weeks to build. It has been priced at $1,575 by the manufacturers. The stylish bed is unique and measures 26×20 inches and can comfortably accommodate an average sized cat. The dog owners also have a choice of a luxury bed for their pets. A floating dog bed has been released that provides hammock like comfort to the user.

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