Belvedere Unveils Unique Flashbox for the Rich

Belvedere who is the leaders in creating the finest luxury vodka is preparing for 2012’s Cannes which is going to take place between 16th and 27th May 2012. Belvedere pays its respect to the industry of film by introducing a box, which will be reproduced by a photographer. The numbers limited to 25, each contains a bottle of pure vodka with a decorated flash box. The limited edition of flashbox has glossy black exterior.  The flashbox is decorated with two mythological trees of the brand. Flashbox will decorate the canes black chamber place.

Earlier Belvedere had celebrated with its platinum vodka for Cannes festival 2011 and now it is time to celebrate the excitement of festival with  Belvedere premium vodka with its packaging and exclusive box. This is the much awaited film industry’s occasion to present the limited edition vodka by the brand. Vodka lovers appreciate the most expensive vodkas for the ingredients or taste, and sometimes for the name of brand. It is generally tasteless and colorless having high percentage of alcohol than other spirits. A vodka lover is ready to pay a high price for it.

The super vodka made in polish tradition exclusively distilled to create balance of purity and character. The luxury vodka combines century’s expertise and is authentically handcrafted using Rye with water, four times distilled to get smooth and amazing vodka. They are unique with real fruit flavor ranging from orange, grapes and Black Raspberry. The creativity and excellence of Belvedere reflected in their past, present and future inventions and they are always keen on exploring the most expensive wines.



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