Action Camper Is The Perfect Off-Road Driving Accessory

Off-road driving is by far one of the foremost and widely cherished outdoor activities in the U.S. The sheer thrill of charting the wilderness driving in a 4X4 jeep and exploring the quite, isolated landscape away from the congestion of the cities. However, despite the thrills and shrills of exploration, it can be a real daunting task to carry all that camping gear stuffed in your jeep. Now, Thaler Design, an Austrian design house has come up with a perfect solution to this predicament in the form of the all new Action Camper, which is essentially the most apt accessory for off-road excursions. The Action Camper is a pop-up system that can be easily installed on a JK Wrangler Unlimited, a four-door Wrangler model and turns the jeep into a recreational vehicle (RV) with enough space for two occupants to sleep in, eat in and use the toilet facilities. The Action Camper has been designed to have the most minimal of effects on the Wrangler’s performance and can be easily uninstalled.

The Action Campers features a fiberglass roof that is not only lightweight but also allows for natural light to filter into the living space, while the entire pop-up contraption provides up to 6 feet 3 inches of headroom. On the inside, the Action Camper comes with a king-sized mattress that can be half-opened as well for a single user’s sleeping comfort. The bed area is also cleverly designed as the kitchen area, where in there is also the availability of an adjustable dining table with chairs. The kitchen on the other hand provides the comfort of a three-burner stove and a sink that are combined in a singular surface. Furthermore, more additional comfort, the Active Camper comes with a 40 liter refrigerator that is made accessible through the jeep as well as from the camper. For attending to nature calls, Thaler Design has incorporated the camper with a chemical toilet that can hold up to 15 liters of clean water and 21 liters of dirty water. The toilet itself is neatly stacked in a storage space and even comes with its very own faucet for cleaning purposes.

The Active Camper has also been developed to provide ample storage space by incorporating convertible components. The dining room seats can be folded to gain access to substantial storage spaces, while the kitchen area comes with cabinets and shelves. Furthermore, the Austrian design house has also announced that in the near future, Active Camper will also be configured to be compatible with other off road vehicles. The Action Camper will be available for purchase from the month of July this year, with a price tag of $53,500.

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