Ice Hotel and Quebec Winter Carnival Beckons you for a Luxury Vacation

If you have had enough of luxury vacations on different beaches around the world you should try the other extreme and have fun in the cold and snow. You can plan your luxury vacations at the Ice Hotel which is located only a few minutes from the downtown Quebec City. Serge Peloquin, Artistic Director at the Hotel de Glace is excited about their theme for 2012 which is the fascinating world of Northern Quebec. The design of the hotel this year will try and communicate the art and culture, knowledge and values of the First Nations.

A stay at the Ice Hotel will give you the feel of staying at the coolest place on earth. It might also help remove your misconception that Northern Quebec is a vast desert. The region has been inhabited for centuries and the stay at Ice Hotel will help you connect with them. The fortnight starting from January 27 is going to be exciting for the visitors to the region as the Winter Carnival will roll out during the period. The location of the carnival is less than 10 minutes from the Ice Hotel.

The Winter Carnival will feature fireworks, parades, dog sled and horse races, snow slides and rafting, sleigh rides, arctic spas, snow sculptures and snow bathers. A local drink called Caribou is highly recommended and can be enjoyed both hot and cold. The iconic Bonhomme is the grand host of the Winter Carnival and an encounter with him is both fun and exciting. The fun and frolic is no less than the festivities at Rio and New Orleans. It could be called the cooler version of the carnival. You should check the sites of both Carnival de Quebec and Hotel de Glace and maybe make the reservations for your next luxury vacation.

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