Steve Jobs Patents Put on Display for Eager Fans

The lobby of USPTO Madison building is an offbeat and cool attraction for locals as well as tourists. The museum offers revolving exhibits of items that are on the process of patents or patents. You could spend your good time in museum that has unveiled the patents of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a perfectionist, with distinctive quality perfected many products, too many versions of software, many competing visions for the company. The patents will be displayed at atrium of the organization’s headquarters, features a row of 30 giant iPhone as screens in rectangular forms. There are display panels that showcase the 317 patents of Jobs.

The display is dedicated to honour Steve Jobs by the United States Patent and Trademark Office who will showcase the trademarks and Patents of Steve Jobs. He is Apple’s visionary co-founder and he is the inspiration for 323 patents of Apple. The Patents and Trademarks of Steve Jobs have changed the World immensely.  The display of Job’s patents in U.S. Patent Office Museum in Alexandria can be instantly recognisable. It looks like a military honour by Jonathan Ive.

The Steve Jobs exhibit is a tribute to his visionary commitment. He influenced designs and products of Apple which cofounded by him with Steve Wozniak, a computer enthusiast.  He had some patent’s legal battles with Samsung over intellectual property. Invent Now, Inc. a non profit group has designed and created the exhibition to honour the creativity and invention of Jobs on Nov 16th. They run the exhibition which would be free to attend for public during working hours in atrium through Jan 15th 2012.




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