Snowboard integrated with iPad pays tribute to Steve Jobs

The folks at Snowboards have thought of an innovative way to pay tribute to one of the world’s most famed tech czar Steve Jobs. They have now combined their love for iPad with their passion and doled out the iShred snowboard. This is a custom made snowboard which was built as part of the every Third Thursday program where the company designs and build a new snowboard with a choice of unconventional materials and features. The makers took iShred to Loveland Ski Resort in Colorado to test it out.

This one-off board comes with a built-in iPad and also features an illuminated logo on the bottom of the board. The logo lights up when a user steps into the board’s bindings and the iPad becomes fully functional. There is the aluminum base which is the first for the snowboard industry and also there is a tip of the hat to Apple’s aluminum body designs for the iPad and MacBook lineup. The makers took iShred to Loveland Ski Resort in Colorado to test it out. The aluminum base works great for speed and riding rails but doesn’t prove all that helpful when it comes to turning. They also got some snowboard Facetime action at the bottom of the slope. One of the them even achieved the feat of getting a number and a potential date after the test run.

If this interests you, you might not be at luck for the makers have made just one of these and its not something that you can simply pick up from the shelves of your favorite ski and snowboard shop.

via: Slashgear

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