Microsoft and Novotel Paris unveil a gizmo-laden room for 199 Euros/night


In the past the only way geek quotient and luxury has been brought together by decking diamonds and jewels on gadgets. But this techie-tastic room born out of the Microsoft-Novotel venture takes the geeky luxe business more seriously. This property is seated miles away from the Silicon valley though, Paris’ Novotel Vaugirard-Montparnasse has rooms which come with electronic one-ups like SENSORIT digital mirror, a multi-tasking piece of décor that lets guests dress up as they catch up with the most important updates of the world.

This one also features integration with Xbox Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia Luma with the later two going available after 2011 perhaps. This geeky holiday in France will cost you 199 euros per night for the temporary room and it’s only until Valentine’s Day 2012. But if you think you cant scoop out a holiday before that, Todesco just sprung in the hour of need. They have announced that another European capital city will soon get a this dollop of Microsoft’s digital goodness in the following year.

Well this is a one-of-kind concept where we actually gizmo goodness has been integrated with the décor of the room here. most artists assume that when it comes to home environments and hotel rooms, a geek would rather me more comfy on Super Mario bread eating his Darth Vader stamped pancakes. But this one sets up a new horizon. As of now the details of this partnership have been only circling around the European countries and we don’t how if it is going to reach Unites States or Asian countries anytime soon. We’ll keep you updates on this one. for more on innovative luxurious stay, check out the luxury cruise vacations we spoke of earlier.

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